Aiki Juku Chesterfield Dojo


Hello to all,

I am writing to let you know that I closed Aiki Juku Chesterfield Dojo back in January 2011 and that I stopped practicing Aikido.

Many years ago, I decided to trust Jean-Charles Walti, the head of Aiki Juku Dojo, as a Sensei, but also as a friend.
Last summer much to my surprise, I discovered that that trust was misplaced, that he has no problem abusing that trust when it suits him, and that, in my opinion, he lacks the moral qualities that you would rightfully expect from a "Sensei". It has been very painful for me to think that I gave my friendship and my support to this person. I feel that I was manipulated emotionally.

During last Fall, I tried to continue to teach aikido, but in January it became painfully clear that I could not put 100% into it anymore and so I decide to stop as I did not feel it would be fair for my students. Although painful in itself I still believe that it was the right decision.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all those that contributed over the years to Aiki Juku Chesterfield Dojo and to all my students. It meant a lot to me. I gave it all I had with sincerity and with no hidden motives but to propagate what I believed to be good. Unfortunately, like many good things it can be misused by some.

July 26th 2011